Website Creation


3. Register a Domain Name
To have a website, you need to have a domain name registered. A domain name is used to identify a website and is included in the link to the site. There are a lot of places that register domain names. You may be able to register a domain name for free by your web hosting service. Picking a domain name that has not already been taken can be a little tricky. To register a domain name, you enter a name and the service checks to see if the name is already being used by someone. If it is already taken, you have to enter another proposed name. You may want to rearrange words or simply use a different word. A domain name should be short (26 characters or less), easy to remember and consist of words that would be included in a search when people are looking for information on your website topic. Limiting your domain name to a single topic and focusing your site on the one area avoids topic dilution and improves the odds of being listed high on a search results listing.   If the name is longer than two words, you may want to use hyphens to separate the words, e.g. how-to-grow-tomatoes. As long as the domain name is registered, you have exclusive rights to using it. However, you may have to pay a small annual fee to keep it registered to you. If you registered through your web hosting service, it may be free for as long as you use their hosting service.
You can select the ending for your domain name.  The most preferred is ".com".  A second best is ".net".  Sometimes yon can get a cheap ".com" domain at "Go Daddy" when they are running a sale.  "Webhostingpad" has a low price for hosting your website and you can register a domain with them at a normal price.  They will also allow you to trasfer in a domain registered somewhere else.   They provide a cPanel with RVSiteBuilder and responsive support via phone or email.  In addition, you can have sub-domains that end in ".com".