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Obtaining quality links to your website is very important in getting high page rank.  Since resorting to link farms, buying links or excessive link exchange are frowned upon by search engines like Google, how does one get these inbound links?  The best way is to obtain them voluntarily by providing needed information and/or offering great services so other webmasters will want to link to your site to improve support to their customers.  The advantage of this approach is that the links will be related to your site’s content and be from webmasters concerned about providing great support to their customers.  Chances are they will have already obtained page rank at least as high or higher as your site.  Such links should increase traffic to your website since they are provided as a service to people that are anticipated to have an interest in your site’s information and services.  I will cover several things that you can do to make your site attractive to webmasters that are thinking about linking to other websites in order to provide better support to their own customers.

1.      Professional Appearance – A professional looking website gives the impression that its owners are experienced and knowledgeable in the site’s subject matter.  A webmaster is more likely to link to a website that has a professional appearance than if the site appears to have been haphazardly created.  An added bonus is the fact that a visitor to such a site is more likely to buy a product being advertised there.  A professional look doesn’t mean it has to be created by a professional website development organization.  You can create a professionally looking website by following a few basic rules.  Make sure it contains well written content that reads smoothly.   Check your content for spelling and grammar mistakes.  Nothing gives the appearance of an unprofessional website more than misspelled words and grammatical errors.  Don’t add unnecessary complexity to your site.   A simple and clean appearance may work the best.  Use consistent colors, fonts and style.  Every page should look like it belongs to the site.  Don’t clutter it up with too much extraneous materials, ads, graphics, etc.  You definitely don’t want a lot of things on a page that don’t relate to either the theme of the site or the specific page.

2.      Impressive Organization &  Layout - The structure of a website is important in leaving a positive impression on a webmaster considering linking to your site.  The structure and flow of material within your site can contribute to or detract from one’s ability to effectively use your site.  You want pages within your site and content within each page to be in a logical order.  The layout of your site should allow you to transverse through it with ease.  If a well-thought-out index is used, a person should be able to navigate to any page within your site with a few clicks starting with the main menu.  A lot of jumping around to reach pages can get the site visitor lost and gives the impression of a lot of unorganized material.  You should strive for a professional looking, well organized site with great content, if you want other webmasters to get the idea that linking to it would compliment their site and improve support to there customers.

3.      Useful & Quality Content - The most important thing that you can do to attract webmasters and cause them to want to link to your site is to provide great information and services.  You want to provide accurate, complete and current information that meets the needs of the site visitors.  It’s even better if the content is original and provides information that they can’t find elsewhere.  Try putting yourself in the shoes of the customer and think what is it that you would like to see or services provided to completely meet your needs.  Consider including links to other sites as resources to enrich your site and fill any gaps in information or services.  You want other webmasters to think that your site has a wealth of information and services that would be useful to their customers and the easiest way to provide them is by linking to your site.

4.      One-stop Support – One way of making a good impression with your website is to make it a one-stop support location relative to your site niche.  By that I mean provide everything either on your site or access to it from your site that a visitor needs.  Arriving at your site after searching the web using a key word phrase, they may be looking for something specific but will need additional information to complete their search effort.  For example, if the focus of your site is to assist someone in finding a place to hunt deer, they may also need a map of the area, to locate a nearby camp ground and to obtain a copy of the local hunting regulations.  You could provide one-stop support by providing links to sources for these items.   If this information could compliment another website and the webmaster is impressed by your website having access to all that information from a single source, he may choose to link to your site as an alternative to duplicating it on his site.


5.      Strive to be better than your Competition – It seems that even in a narrow niche area, there are a lot of websites out there competing for your customers.  The way to be successful is to have a site that is “best-of-breed” or a notch better than your competition.  All of the things in this article are important in making it better than theirs but most important is how well it meets the needs of your website visitors.  The more thought you put into making your site meet customers’ needs, the more likely another webmaster will want to link to it.

6.      Updates to Material  - You can increase the chances that someone will link to your site by having content that is periodically updated.  A site that has one time value is not as desirable as one that has been updated with new material every time you access it.  For example, it may contain a bargain products page, a news letter, a discussion forum or a photo album.  If that is of interest to the site visitor, he will keep coming back to see if there are any new updates posted.  Repeat customers to your site can also increase traffic to a linking website and therefore make it more likely that a webmaster would establish such a link.

7.      Learn from Experience – It is a good idea to check from time to time to see what sites are linking to your website.  You can check links that Google sees by typing link: followed by your domain name.  Also, BackLinkWatch has a Back Links Checker Tool that will display your back links, if you enter your URL.  You can then click on each back link to go to the URL or you can use a free Reciprocal Link Checker by in their free SEO tools kit to see the anchor text.  After you have identified your back links, you can check them out to determine what type of sites are linking to you and why.  This will aid you in determining what is working in attracting inbound links and how to improve your website to get even more of them.

8.      Extras & Freebies – Everyone loves to get something for nothing.  Often companies advertise free items or services to get people started using their products, e.g. the above link checker capability.  A few even include the free products in their affiliate programs.  That provides you a double benefit.  Not only does it attract customers but you may even earn a small commission by placing their ads on your site.  Providing extras and freebies indicates to your customers that that you are willing to go the extra mile to give them what they want or need.  As long as the extras and freebies relate appropriately to the theme of your site, they should make linking to your site more attractive to other webmasters.

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