Website Creation

   Establishing a data Sharing & Income Generating Website  
Are you an expert in something and would like to share your knowledge with other people?  Have you thought about creating a website to share information and photos but don't know how to get started?  Did you know that you can experience the satisfaction of sharing your life's experiences  with others and generate extra monthly income at the same time by creating and operating a website?  It is easy and fun to make websites.  You can make your website very inexpensively with little or no experience.  You don't need to know site building software such as  HTML or JAVA Script.  Simply use a site building program that creates the code for you.  Maintaining the website can be done in your spare time.  There is no need to sell products or services to make money.  Does it sound too good to be true?  Many people are doing it and it is legal.  The amount of money generated varies dramatically based on the quality of the website, the number of people visiting it and the product advertisements.  This site is designed to walk you through the basic steps for creating your own website.  It explains in simple language the affiliate program concept and all that is involved in creating and operating a money making website.  It is intended to be used as a beginners tutorial for inexperienced people wanting to make their own website without laying out a lot of cash.  Using website building software free from hosting services, a website template and this guide for beginners, you should be able to easily create your own low cost, easy to build, information sharing and money making website.