Website Creation


2. Create Website Content
Start by making an outline of the sections and paragraphs to be written. You can do this in Word and later paste what you have written into the content section of your website as you are building it. You don’t have to follow the outline exactly but using an outline will ensure a logical organization to the website content. Do online research by searching for available information relative to areas to be covered. Don’t plagiarize but read the information to increase your overall knowledge in the area. You can save your written material as a single Word document since you will be copying portions of it to paste into the website content section. Make sure your content is accurate, logically organized and reads well. Keep the interest of your site visitors in mind and make sure what you write meets their perceived needs. Lack of significant original content can be a problem with getting accepted by affiliate programs and getting listed by search engines. Therefore, you may want to shoot for around 10-15 pages of material in your actual content section of your website.