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Concepts behind Affiliate Ads on your Website

Let me explain how it works. It is based on advertising products for various product vendors and receiving a commission from the vendors for sales resulting from your website advertisements. Online advertising is becoming more-and-more popular with all kinds of companies selling products and services. They are establishing affiliate programs where they allow people with websites to advertise their products. Usually, you can get information on a company’s affiliate program by searching on the company name followed by the word affiliate. Typically, you read the affiliate agreement and, if acceptable, fill out an online application to join. They provide product ads (i.e. links to products) either directly or through a third party organization such as LinkShare, Google Affiliate Network, or Commission Junction which are set up to manage affiliate programs. Once approved, you can easily create product ads and paste them onto your website. You earn a commission every time someone clicks on an ad which takes them to the vendor’s product information and then purchases the item. Google even has a program called AdSense which allows you to earn a commission every time someone clicks on a product ad even if they don’t purchase the item. Of course the commission is much smaller than under an affiliate program where a purchase is required. To participate you must apply and get approved. Google provides product links similar to those of an affiliate program that you paste onto your website. You can participate in both and place product links from affiliate programs and from the pay-per-click AdSense program on the same Website. Several factors go into determining which affiliate programs you would want to join. Of course, most important is the content of your website. The primary purpose of your website should be to provide useful content to it's visitors.  The products being advertised should be pertinent to the purpose and content of your website. For example, if the purpose of your site is to provide tips on growing tomatoes, you would want to select products dealing with gardening, canning, etc. Unrelated product ads detract from your theme, hurts your credibility as a knowledgeable person in the area and tends to make the reader think you are just after making commissions. Of course, the amount of commission paid must be considered. A 5% commission is typical but it varies among affiliate programs. Still another factor to consider is restrictions imposed by the affiliate agreement.
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