Website Creation
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4. Choose a Website Host
To put a website out on the web for people to see, you need to get it hosted. There are many website hosting services competing for your business. Their costs and capabilities vary. You can go with a free website hosting service and live with the limitations imposed.  Some require you to place their ads on your site or require you to be an active member of a forum.  Several websites exist that compare free web hosting services.  A few free hosting services seem to be almost par with paid services.  X10 Hosting is one of them.  It has a cPanel with RVsitebuilder but its support is limited for free hosting.  I have used them and experienced some downtime while the bugs were being worked out of software upgrades.  It is hard to find a free hosting service that provides RVsitebuilder which is an easy way to build and maintain a website without learning HTML code.  However, I had some problems in the past while they worked out bugs in their latest software releases.  If you are not an expert in  writing HTML code, considering going with a free website hosting service and willing to login to their forum at least once every month, you need to check out X10 Hosting.  They even allow you to waive the monthly forum login requirement for an annual fee of $3.  If you plan to do only one or two sites and keep them simple, a free hosting service may be adequate. However, paid hosting services are more reliable with less downtime, provide more capabilities and better support service.  There are website hosts out there that are very cheap with a lot of capabilities, fewer restrictions and they provide fast response support to their customers. Webhostingpad is one such service that I am using successfully.  It is about as low cost as you can get for a paid hosting service.  It has cPanel with RVsitebuilder and provides fast website support service but no coding support and you are expected to do your own website backups.  Many of the low cost hosting services provide website building software with templates as well as step-by-step instructions that guide you through the website construction process. If you get stuck on a step, you can send their support an email and they will provide assistance within limits. They will not build the site for you unless you pay them for that service. They may even allow you to host additional sites with no additional hosting fee. You just pay to register the additional domains. If you choose a hosting service that provides web building software using templates, you may still have the capability to change the look and feel of the site. You will most likely be able to change the style, structure and even the photo in the design with a little effort.